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Visit a slice of Wisconsin history in nearby Lost Lake! Your students will enjoy touring our museum displays and our authentic one-room school. There is no charge for our field trips.


Our museum includes extensive information on area one-room schools, churches, cheese factory and farming history, Indian arrowheads, antique clothing and more. Our authentically restored one-room school provides a window into the classroom of the past. Students will discuss a typical day, including lessons, lunch, recess, bathroom breaks, and daily chores.


We can accommodate up to 80 students in one visit. Students will be split into groups of 10 to 15, along with your chaperone and our guide. The overall length of the field trip can vary from three to four hours, depending on the lunch break and other options you may choose. Options include a grade-school level I-Spy game, an information scavenger hunt for older students, and historical outdoor games after the school house tour.


Groups of less than 30 students have the option to enjoy a mini-classroom day which follows a typical one-room school curriculum along with a museum tour.


Please let us know if there is a special area of interest you are studying and would like us to cover. We will do our best to create a field trip to meet your needs.


For more information please download the Field Trip Brochure and the Field Trip Planning Form by clicking on the links below.


Field Trip Brochure


Field Trip Planning Form



The Lost Lake - Randolph Historical Society is one of thirteen local historical societies in Dodge County, Wisconsin. Our mission is to preserve our unique local history and be an educational resource for the community.

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