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About the Society

Located just south of Randolph, WI, the Lost Lake - Randolph Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of local history and the education of future generations.

Our Founding

Preserving St. Mary's Church

The society was formed in 2001 by concerned citizens seeking to preserve the old St. Mary's Church at Lost Lake. With the financial support of more than 200 people we were successful, and on April 15, 2002 the church became the official home of the Lost Lake - Randolph Historical Society.

Museum - Old Church Building

Lost Lake One-Room Schoolhouse

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Our Board

The Society's Board of Directors is elected annually by the membership. They are responsible for managing the Society's assets and plans.

Mary Kirchberg


John Barstow

Vice President

Pat Kluz


Ed Hafenstein


Kathy Schraufnagel


Donna Schraufnagel


Myrlen Campnell


The Lost Lake - Randolph Historical Society is one of thirteen local historical societies in Dodge County, Wisconsin. Our mission is to preserve our unique local history and be an educational resource for the community.

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